Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats

As one of the largest suppliers of Cable tray management products in UAE we also supply top quality cable cleats , manufactured exclusively in UAE and all over the world.

Our cable cleats are manufactured using low-smoke zero-halogen compounds that provide many advantages and protection over standard constructions of cable, Highly engineered polymers developed after years of research has produced a new breed of cable cleats that offer excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics, superior flame resistance, low smoke production and reduced toxicity.

These cable cleats are ideal for use in environments where high-performance, reliability and safety are required. Best of all, the applications for our cable cleats are virtually endless.

Emerald Steel Industries LLC sre suppliers of different types of cable cleats in Ajman Dubai UAE and range of products we manufacture are as follows

  • Two bolt cable cleats
  • Aluminium cable cleats
  • Short Circuit Resistant Cleats
  • Single cable diameter dual trefoil and quadrofoil Trefoil
  • PVC Cable Cleats
  • Polyamide/Nylon cable cleats

We are a leading Cable cleat manufacturer in UAE and supplier in UAE. The quad cable cleat range which allows cables to be safely installed in quad formation.The quad cable cleat range has a compact design using 316L stainless steel. This provides superior strength and excellent corrosion resistance, making the quad cleat suitable for some of the harshest environments.

Cleats safely restrain single cables in quad (known as quadrafoil or quatrefoil) formation while protecting the integrity of the cables and cable management system in the event of a short circuit fault condition.Cable Cleats range includes single cable diameter, dual, trefoil and quadrofoil cable arrangement cable clamps, to tighten, fix and support cable systems in various applications.

The advantages of this product make it an excellent candidate for use in a broad range of applications including :

  • Utility : power generation, co-generation and merchant power
  • Industrial plants : petrochemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical & waste water treatment Data Centers : computer rooms, switching centers and central offices
  • Highly populated facilities : multi-storey buildings, hotels, hospitals, sports centers,airports and mass transit stations