Cable Ladder

Cable Ladder

Standard lengths of 3 MT Cable Ladders are available in various styles with an external return flange, such as Light, Medium Heavy & Extra Heavy Duty. These cable Ladders are fitted with the requisite hot dipped galvanized finish fittings and accessories in compliance with BS EN ISO1461:1999. Our requests are based on the requirements, custom-built Cable Ladders for special installations can be provided. The company offers different finishes, lengths, and sizes of cable ladder manufacturing and supply to suit all requirement needs.

Emerald offers and supplies cable ladders in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Northern Regions of Abu Dhabi such as Ruwais and other regions. We also supply Cable Ladder products in different countries around the world. Supply of Cable Ladders from UAE with the following various finishes are available:

Emerald Steel Industries LLC is the supplier of different types of cable ladders in UAE. The available Cable Ladder products we supply in the UAE and other countries are

Cable Ladder Fittings Supply in UAE and Other Countries and their types are

  • 90 Degree Horizontal Bend Cable Ladder Fittings
  • 45 Degree Horizontal Bend Cable Ladder Fittings
  • Horizontal Cross Cable Ladder Fittings
  • 90 Degree Riser Outside Cable Ladder Fittings
  • 90 Degree Riser Inside Cable Ladder Fittings
  • Horizontal Tee cable Ladder fittings
  • Straight Reducer Cable Ladder Fittings
  • Left Hand Reducer Cable Ladder Fittings
  • Right Hand Reducer Cable Ladder Fittings
  • 90 Degree Vertical Support Elbow Cable Ladder Fittings
  • Dropout Cable Ladder Fittings
  • Vertical Tee Cable Ladder Fittings
  • 45 Degree Branch Cable Ladder Fittings

As a Top manufacturer and supplier of Cable Ladder Accessories and Cover Fixing Arrangement products in UAE and other parts of the world. Emerald Steel Industries LLC supplies the following Cable Ladder accessories

  • Standard Couplers for Cable Ladders
  • Adjustable Horizontal Coupler for Cable ladders
  • Divider for Cable Ladders
  • Angle Connector for Cable Ladders
  • Raised Hold Down Clip Cable Ladders
  • Hold Down Clamp Cable Ladders
  • Adjustable Vertical Connector Cable Ladders