FRP Cable Tray

FRP Cable Tray Supplier

FRP Cable Tray are made of corrosion resistant fibre reinforced plastic, and are aimed for electrical and instrumentation installations. Emerald Steel Industries LLC are the suppliers of FRP Cable trays and we focus on the design and delivers weight reductions while maintaining strength and maximising loading capability. The material we manufacture in our unit is lightweight and does not rust. We supply FRP Cable tray in UAE and other Middle East Countries such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Jordan and other European ,African and North and South American Countries.

These cable trays are manufactured via Automated Pultrusion Process which ensures consistent best quality product. FRP Cable Tray are extremely durable and resistant to all kinds Chemical attack. FRP Cable Trays can be used in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments across the globe; including, Offshore Platforms, Chemical Plants, Oil and Metal Refineries, Water Treatment Plants and many more industries.

FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays

FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays are offered and manufactured by assembling different types of combinations of Pultruded Cross Sections, Side runners and Rungs. The Rungs are epoxy bonded and fastened to demonstrate high strength against Point, Side and Uniform loads.


FRP Channel Type Cable Trays (Perforated)

The channel type, solid bottom, pre-drilled cable trays are designed for light loads namely instrumentation and control cables and for transition from cable trays to individual control points. Emerald Steel Industries LLC , UAE based manufacturing unit produce quality FRP Channel Cable Trays and supply to the customers on time.

Fitting accessories such as covers, cover clips, fixing clamps and smart jigs are available in the materials FRP